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By combining naturally derived nail tips with silver nanocolloid and cellulose nanofibers using Nano-Sakura’s independently developed technology, we created nail tips that are both biodegradable and antibacterial. Just like regular GS Bio Nail Tips, Antibacterial GS Bio Nail Tips can be used repeatedly and are biodegradable, meaning they return to the soil between six months and ten years* after disposal.

Antibacterial Bio Tips (Vegan Nail Tips) 100 set (400 tips) $200.00

  • ● Size (mm)

    ・ No.0 L  22.95 W 14.28 H  5.66

    ・ No.1 L  21.48 W 12.59 H  5.17

    ・ No.2 L  20.50 W 11.79 H  5.04

    ・ No.3 L 19.48 W 11.10 H  4.70

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