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Terms of Use

Please carefully read the Terms of Use before using BIO-SAKURA SHOP (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). If you will use the Site, which is provided by GS Alliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), it will be deemed that you have agreed to all of the provisions of the Terms of Use. In addition, you are to follow related laws. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please refrain from use.

◇ About use

At the time of using the Site, the customer will consent to and follow the Terms of Use.

◇ About copyrights

Copyrights related to all of the Site’s content and information will attribute to the Company or a third party that has licensed use to the Company. Actions of the duplication, distribution, sale, or public announcements that exceed the purposes of personal use are prohibited.

◇ About changes of these Terms of Use

The Company shall be able to change these Terms of Use without advance notification to the customer or consent by the customer.

◇ About content changes or cancellation of the Site

The Company shall be able to change content of, cancel, or suspend the Site, without advance notification or consent. The Company shall not bear any liability whatsoever for any damage that arises because of a change, cancellation, or suspension of the Site.

◇ Establishment of a sales agreement

In order for a customer to make an order on the Site, an application for an agreement will be made. After an order has been completed, an e-mail about order completion will be automatically sent from the Company’s system, but that will only mean that notification is being given of the fact that the customer’s order procedures have been completed. Consent shall be given to a customer’s application, and an agreement shall be established at the time when the Company has judged that the reasons related to agreement refusal or cancellation that will be discussed later do not apply and a product has been shipped. Please note that, even if it is after establishment of an agreement, in the event that it is revealed that a reason related to agreement refusal or cancellation that will be discussed later applies, we may cancel the agreement.

 ◇ About transfer of ownership

Ownership of a product that a customer purchased will transfer at the time when the product that was shipped by the Company arrives at the delivery place designated by the customer.

◇ About agreement refusal or cancellation

In the event that the customer has fallen under one of the reasons below, even after completion of the customer’s order or after the Company has sent an e-mail about order completion, the Company may refuse conclusion of an agreement and, even after the Company has shipped a product and an agreement has been established, the Company shall be able to cancel the agreement.

(1) A case in which, as a result of screening by the credit card company or PayPal, it was not possible   to   receive approval and payment

(2) A case in which a falsification has been discovered in the customer’s personal information

(3) A case in which the arrival of the product that was ordered will be pending for a long time or in   which the product’s production has ended

(4) A case in which, for a product that was produced in a limited amount, the Company has received   orders that exceed the prescribed amount

(5) A case in which a violation of these Terms, other rules of the Company, or a law or ordinance has   been recognized

(6) A case in which there was an error in the price that was posted on the Site, other product   information, or a sales condition

(7) A case in which a reason that is equivalent to one of the items stated above has been recognized   (including cases in which the customer fell under one of the items above for a transaction   between the customer and the Company in the past), or another case in which the Company has   judged that it cannot handle the order

◇ About cancellation

In principle, after the Company has sent an e-mail about order completion, we will not be able to handle product cancellation.

◇ About returns and exchanges

We cannot handle product returns or exchanges other than those because of initial defects. In the event that there is an imperfection or defect after a product has been delivered, please contact the Company by telephone or e-mail within 14 days after the product’s arrival. In principle, a defective product will be handled by exchange. Provided, however, that if there is no stock for an exchange or if the Company judges that an exchange is inappropriate, a refund shall be made.

 ◇ About resale and inappropriate actions

Purchase or resale for a commercial purpose is prohibited. In the event that the customer or a third party that obtained a product from the customer conducted an action for a commercial purpose, a dishonest action, or an action judged as inappropriate, or in the event that the customer refused to accept a product, was absent or could not be contacted for a long time, or conducted another suspicious action or an action of hindering business, the Company shall be able to, based on the Company’s discretion, revoke the sales agreement, conduct cancellation, refuse future purchases, or implement other appropriate measures. In such a case, the Company shall not bear any liability even if damage has arisen for the customer or a third party.

​◇ About delivery

Shipping will be conducted 3 to 10 business days after confirmation of payment.

​A product will ordinarily arrive at the customer’s place within one to two weeks after payment. In some cases, there may be a delay of delivery, or it may not be possible to conduct delivery at the customer’s designated desired date and time of delivery because of weather, a natural disaster, a power outage, system trouble, an incident/accident, or some other reason. The Company shall not bear any liability whatsoever for damage that arises for the customer or a third party in such a case, unless it is caused by the Company’s deliberate intention.

◇ About the regions from which orders are accepted

Inside Japan and outside Japan

(China, South Korea, Taiwan / United States of America, Canada, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia / England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria / Australia, New Zealand /  India / Ireland, Israel, United Arab Emirates / Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru)

*For an order from a country or region other than those stated above, please make a separate inquiry.

 ◇ About protection of personal information

The customer shall use the Site after agreeing to the separately posted Personal Information Protection Policy.

◇ About e-mail deletion

In the event that an e-mail that slanders or libels the Company or the Site or that has content that breaches these Terms has been received, the Company shall be able to delete the relevant e-mail without giving any notification or reply.

◇ Exemption from liability

Excluding cases that are explicitly stipulated in these Terms of Use or other provisions, or cases in which damage has occurred because of the Company’s deliberate intention, the Company will not bear any liability for damage that arises for the customer, the customer’s related party, or a third party because of use of or inability to use the Site.

◇ About the court of agreed jurisdiction

For the court of jurisdiction for disputes that arise with the customer or the customer’s related party in relation to the Site, the Osaka District Court or Osaka Summary Court will be the court of agreed exclusive jurisdiction in accordance with the amount in controversy.

◇ About governing laws

The laws of Japan will be the governing laws for matters concerning interpretation and application of these Terms of Use.


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