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GS Bio Nail Tips are made using only natural biomass biodegradable resin and include absolutely no plastic.

Not only can the nail tips be used repeatedly, just like conventional nail tips, but they are biodegradable and will break down in the natural environment to return to the soil around ten years after disposal.

Bio Nail Tips (Vegan Nail Tips) 100 set (1000 tips) $70.00

  • ●SIZE(mm)

    ・No.0 L 22.95 W 14.28 H 5.66

    ・No.1 L 21.48 W 12.59 H 5.17

    ・No.2 L 20.50 W 11.79 H 5.04

    ・No.3 L 19.48 W 11.10 H 4.70

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