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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

●What are NANO-SAKURA’s main components?

NANO-SAKURA is the result of cellulose nanofibers being compounded in polylactic acid resin. It also uses materials for which cellulose has been turned into resin, rather than polylactic acid or cellulose nanofibers.

●What kind of biodegradability does NANO-SAKURA have?

Biodegradation refers to microorganisms working and thereby finally turning into water and carbon dioxide.

Under a composting condition of 55℃ or higher, polylactic acid resin, which is the main component of NANO-SAKURA, will biodegrade in one to two weeks, but it is said that in the ground, it will take three to five years, and in the ocean, it will take ten years or an even longer amount of time. It has been understood through experiments that, because cellulose nanofibers have been compounded in NANO-SAKURA, biodegradation takes place faster than those periods of time.

●Is it safe even if a child licks it? Won’t it melt?

Even if it is put into the mouth, it will not biodegrade right away. However, it is presumed that biodegradation will accelerate because of components in human saliva. If you will use it repeatedly, we recommend that you wash it thoroughly before it is saved. In addition, once biodegradation has started to take place, and its strength has started to weaken, there is also a possibility of damage occurring inside the mouth at the time of use, so we recommend that you dispose of it once its strength starts to weaken. Please note that even if an injury or damage inside the mouth is incurred because of breakage, our company will be unable to bear liability. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

●Does it have durability that is equivalent to that of ordinary plastic  products?

If the state of preservation is good, in relation to multiple times of use, it has a strength that is approximately equivalent to ordinary plastic products. However, we have also received reports that it biodegrades if multiple years pass in the air as well; therefore, we do not guarantee that it has exactly the same durability as that of ordinary plastic products.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to make an inquiry to the place stated below.


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